Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lots of writing (but not the blog kind...)

So I’ve been writing a lot lately and unfortunately it hasn’t been on this blog. For that, faithful readers, (all two of you), I apologize. The truth of the matter is that I have been consumed by the desire to write short stories (and I actually started on a novel, which should be fun).

And I know what I just said sounds like pretentious crap (and you’d probably be right to think that), but I recently got over a long bout of writer’s block and I’ve just been glad to celebrate by doing all sorts of sporadic wordsmithing.

So, in honor of my happiness and joy at my rediscovered writing inspiration, I’m going to go a little bit out of my comfort zone (and my element… I looked for a video clip for the scene in the Big Lebowski and couldn’t find one…) by posting one of my previously-written poems relating to this specific subject.

I don’t plan on making this a habit (unless this poem jumps my readers up from like 6 to about 1,000…or if the six of you that do read it give me an overwhelmingly positive response), so if you don’t care for it, just come back for the next blog post and things should be back to normal.

I plan on getting a post up about my musician friend Joey Ryan soon (he has a new band, which is awesome), amongst other posts waiting to be written and read. For now, read this poem and let me know what you think, good or bad. But just so you know, I’d prefer good.

Here it goes:

Writer’s Blocked

My writing’s blocked by writer’s block

and the tick-tock on the clicking clock

tactlessly’s distracting me

from going on my writing spree.

Unlikely that I’d like the write;

excuse me, writing (sounds more right)

if what I’m writing isn’t right.

So, still, I cannot write tonight

or write today, what I’m to say

on pages lit by light of day.

Did I say “say?” I did mean “write;”

“saying” words onto paper is not quite right.

Unless the reader’s lacking sight

in which case saying’s the best write

(or way to write, as I should say)

so that my words are on display

to those who might be out of sight.

Not to say they can’t be seen,

but, their eyes can’t see a scene

unless said scene is painted, see,

with words and sounds of imagery.

And so the job is up to me

to help the blind to better see

and help their minds run blindly free

and send them on a seeing spree.

And now I see it seems to be

my writer’s block’s become a spree.

Creativity’s come back to me;

my once blind eyes, again, can see.

-Mike Billeter (written 5-7-2008…and add an intellectual property claim or copyright or something like that to the poem too)

So that’s my poem. I’m not always inclined to share my writings with a public audience, and usually my stuff isn’t this lighthearted, but I’m in a good mood so I figured it was worth throwing out there. Also, this should be plenty of material for your ever-heartwarming comments that you’re looking forward to leaving, Jason.

-“I’ve been in the poem of many a poet and I reside in the art of many an artist…”


Holli said...

You should frame it and sell it as office artwork.

Mike Billeter said...

Good call. Maybe get it written out in a clever font and then give it a cool, creative background? Then I can sell it to authors/writers and they can hang it by their desks for inspiration.

Too bad I'm not that creative. Maybe if I knew some creative person who wanted to help make it happen (and possibly earn a portion of the profits)...

If only...

Holli said...

*sigh* If only...

m!les said...

This would have been a great post, if I hadn't already read that poem.


Jason said...

Were you rocked on quaaludes when you wrote this? If not, I'd at least come up with some sort of an excuse if I were you.

Mike Billeter said...

If I were you Jason, I'd come up with an excuse for that outfit you're wearing in that photo you sent me to post for this post.

I was thinking more like a photo of you maybe hanging out at a friend's house or something, not wearing your sequins suit doing your famous Freddie Mercury impression.

P.S. - I'm not saying you don't look good, it was just a weird choice...

Jason said...

It was either that outfit or Zubaz and cowboy boots...

Mike Billeter said...

Better than that one of you in JUST the cowboy boots. That wasn't a weird night...

Jason said...

I still can't find my leather chaps...

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