Monday, April 26, 2010

On Engagements

After not-quite-five months of dating Lindsie Page, I decided I needed to marry her.

The truth is that, after not-quite-two months of dating Lindsie Page, I was pretty sure I was going to marry her. So waiting three more months was tough. Worthwhile and wonderful, but tough.

So this past Sunday, I did what any disgustingly-in-love man would do in my situation: I proposed to this lindsie girl (she prefers her name in lower-case, by the way). The proposal involved a love poem/letter, a walk through a gorgeous park, that love poem/letter hidden on a bridge (lindsie’s favorite), a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring and a tear-filled head nod of “Yes” in response to a very important question.

It was perfect.

Now the beautiful @lindsielynette and I have basically 3 months to plan and flawlessly execute a fun, exciting, and unique wedding. No problem, right?

Well, we’ll be grinding away on it (and enjoying each other’s company throughout the process), but it will be hard and it will be time consuming. And it will be completely, completely worth it.

Now, as a writer and as a blogger, I should be writing this in-depth, poetic description of my feelings and emotions as the leaves of my life change color yet again (kind of like I referred to in my last post). But I’m going to save that for later. For now I’ve got a wedding to help plan and a woman to be in love with while I help plan it.

I’ll be back with more soon, so for now I would just ask that you say some prayers that we are able to pull this wedding off in a way that fulfills both lindsie’s and my hopes and dreams. I have plenty of faith that God will get us there exactly how he wants to, but a prayer or two from you guys probably wouldn’t hurt.

Thanks for everyone who has congratulated me so far and I look forward to updating you all as we go. For now, happy Monday, and I hope you all have a great week.



m!les said...

Since I have every intention of continuing to hang out with lindsie, I guess this means I'm stuck with you.

Seriously though, congratulations! I think you two make a good match, and I hope this arrangement will allow me to get to know her and you two as a couple all the better.

Congrats, again!

Holli said...

So *that's* her last name!

We're so happy for you guys - good luck with all of the planning. It can be stressful at times, even with lots of time (but in all honesty, the last few months are when you make most of the progress anyway so you're just cutting out the wait time!)

I told lindsie too, but I've got able hands if you need an extra pair for anything or last-minute errand runs.

Does this mean we won't see either of you until July? We hope not.

Mike Billeter said...

It definitely will, m!les. The ironic thing is that lindsie actually can't stand you, so it's strange that you actually like her more than me.

I hope this arrangement allows us to spend more time hanging out with you and your wifey (as you guys tend to be people with whom we enjoy hanging out). So I'm looking forward to that. I'd say "we're," but like I said, lindsie hates you.

Holli - Thanks for your encouragement. We're already feeling some of the stress, but it's an exciting stress and we're basically just doing our best to say, "This is stressful. Let's not take it out on each other."

We were all about cutting out the wait time in general, so I'm glad that's the way it can go for lots of people. Makes me feel like we're doing fine by not waiting too long.

I also would hope (and pray) that it doesn't mean we don't see you until July. That would be a major, major bummer. And major bummers are not part of my life plan. As much as it'll be frustrating for lindsie to have to hang out with m!les, we'll definitely try to make something work.

Thanks again for your offer to help, Holli. I'm being completely sincere when I say that it really means a lot to both of us, and lindsie and I are very thankful to have friends like you guys who are willing to help.

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