Monday, January 23, 2012

New Opportunities, Once Again

After five truly enjoyable months as the Temporary Web Content Editor at Evangel University, my tenure at EU has finally run its course. Thankfully I wasn't fired or anything bad like that; the woman I was filling in for temporarily just happened to come back from maternity leave.

As such, I'm now looking for work in the Springfield, Missouri area. Getting my foot in the door of the creative community here in Springfield hasn't been quite as easy as I'd hoped it would be, but that doesn't mean I'll be giving up trying anytime soon. I'd love to connect with the right agency, shop or firm looking for a skilled copywriter/digital media strategist/account strategist/any other fitting-enough job description-ist, so hopefully I'll be able to have some successful outreach here moving forward.

Until then, I'll be actively pushing people to my favorite little gem of a website, and hoping they like what they see there. I know I like what I see there, but I'm probably biased.

If you are reading this and happen to know of any open opportunities (either in Springfield or just telecommuting), please don't hesitate to drop me a line and let me know. I'm interested in a wide variety of industries and subjects, so I really wouldn't be opposed to any new opportunities.

Thanks for your support, everybody. I look forward to throwing some less serious, more humorous/inspiring content on this blog soon.


P.S. - Before I forget, I just wanted to say that working for Evangel here in Springfield was a really awesome experience. Just an entire college campus full of goodhearted people with a strong, Christian foundation. If there was a spot for me there, I'm sure I would've stuck around longer, but alas, 'twas not to be at this time.

Photo by photologue_np.

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